Harry Potter WB Studios

Harry Potter Warner Brothers Experience

Into the World of Harry Potter


A bus ride from London, takes you to the Warner Brothers Studio. It is situated on the outskirts of London, a huge studio with equally surging crowds. There are time slots for visitors and the first impression of the visitor is of awe.

On entering the premise, we were greeted by three pieces of the famous chess board, the one where the pieces move. Further, the entrance hall was adorned with an actual flying car hanging from the ceiling! The pictures of the various Harry Potter characters flank the walls.

Harry Potter WB Studios

On the right hand side is where you can hear gasps from. It is the Harry Potter Store. The store isn’t like any other. It is the paradise for fans. From an actual sized Godric Gryffindor sword to the sorting hat and the different wands, robes and uniforms- the store sells everything, although it isn’t cheap:(

After tackling huge queues and a well-managed crowd, you’ll enter into a room. Soon, all the four walls come alive and describe the initial euphoria of the Harry Potter series. A guide leads us to the next room, an auditorium with seats. The famous Harry Potter song begins and the screen flashes with the three most loveable characters- Harry, Ron and Hermione. They welcome you and ask you to come with them….. Thus, the screen opens to reveal the doors of the Great Hall…..

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