Bubble lake

Bubble Lake

What happens when the fauna and flora die underwater in a lake? What happens when contaminated water is let out in a lake? It creates a gas called methane. And methane is a Green House Gas causing Global Warming. Methane also happens to be a highly flammable gas.

In Canada, this methane gas has played a lovely and breathtaking game with nature. The Abraham Lake in the Alberta province (South-West of Canada) in Canada is scenic, especially worth a visit when its frozen.


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Desserts by Dominique

“It’s not about creating the next ‘big thing.’ It’s just about creating in general. Without any expectations.”

That’s what Dominique Ansel says when questioned about his latest invention. Dominique is a chef originally from France. Now he runs a bakery in New York, Tokyo and soon in London.


What has made Dominique famous is his most revered dessert, an unstoppable phenomenon that took the dessert fans by storm in 2013.

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Anti Cafe

What are Anti-cafes?

When I mention cafe, what comes to your mind?

For me, the aroma of a brewing steaming cuppa fills my nostrils and a nice peace and quiet evades my vision. Generally, an idea of a cafe is Starbucks.

Recently I came across an article in the National Geographic magazine on the Russian city of St. Petersburg. In St.Petersburg, the writer talked about his visit to an anti-cafe. Read more about What are Anti-cafes?