Milk In Tetra Paks

Tetra Pak

How Tetra Pak Changed Our Milk Habits

The Clinking Milk Bottles disappeared from your doorstep, replaced by Tetra Paks

Milk In Tetra Paks
Milk bottles were replaced

Do you remember milk bottles that the milkman dropped at your doorstep? Well, I don’t because I grew up thinking that milk was  always packaged in little sacks or cartons.

Milk bottles were the preferable mode of milk packaging. In some countries, milk was bought in bulk using containers and then utilised by pouring it into cans as needed.

This had multiple problems. The milk bottles had to be washed before returning, in some countries this was compulsory by law. What was the assurance that every bottle would be washed thoroughly?  Read more about Tetra Pak

Citi Museum on Wheels

Museum on Wheels

Maharashtra’s Museum On Wheels

Mumbai’s favourite museum is bringing history to everyone

Citi Museum on Wheels
Old Prince of Wales Museum, now called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya (CSMVS) in Mumbai is undoubtedly the best museum in India.

Every visitor, professor and historian is all praises for it.

They make the past come alive and curate their content in the most beautiful of galleries. Read more about Museum on Wheels

Women's Fashion

Women’s Fashion in the 1940s

From Frilly Silk Skirts to Straight Classic Cuts

In the 1940s women’s fashion changed into something we can relate to today

Women's Fashion

The WW2 really tested everyone directly or indirectly. It influences us even today.

Clothes till the 1930s were made of silk with fancy zips and buttons. They had chains and multiple other fashions.

These clothes were often expensive and made to look affluent.

If people decided to wear such expensive clothes, what would be left for the troops living in the trenches? Read more about Women’s Fashion in the 1940s

Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The Bhavani Talwar that Changed India

Story Of Maharashtra’s hero

In every Maharashtrians’ heart, the mention of the Shivaji Maharaj sparks a flame. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India’s history. He didn’t fight against the European powers but showed his discontent to the foreign Mughals

The best part in Indian history that I love, is this phase of Shivaji and the rise of Swarajya (Independence).

What amazes me is that this King started with a small piece of land that he owned, a jagir in historical terms, and converted this into an empire.

Shivaji Maharaj
Shivaji Maharaj in his coronation

He became the King that other Kingdoms feared. All this in a span of three decades in the 17th Century AD.

Shivaji Maharaj didn’t have a lot of treasury. The strength of this army was tiny compared to his rivals and his kingdom was also small.

With these little resources at is disposal, he managed to horrify those who threatened and harmed his subjects. This made him an immediate favourite amongst his people.

Read more about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

American Civil War- The North & The South

American Civil War- The North & The South

How the American Civil War Played Out

What was the cause and what exactly happened


The American Civil War was fought on the basis of colour of the skin.

The Americas was divided into the North and the South.

The War was fought because of the lack of dignity shown to people with dark skin.

The Southern American rich landowners made the ‘blacks’ work for them as slaves. They owned these people. In 1860, when Abraham Lincoln was voted President the Southern people felt insecure. They thought that their regal lifestyle will now cease to exist.

American Civil War- The North & The South
The following extract tells us the extent of cruelty towards the slaves

Read more about American Civil War- The North & The South

Alexander The Great

The Story of the Greatest- Alexander

Alexander the Great conquered a huge part of the world in his short life span

Was it just bloodlust that drove him or something more?


In history there are a few warriors who are known for their bloodlust and yet being loving towards their subjects. Alexander III of Macedonia was one such soldier. He fought many battles and won them yet he didn’t oppress his people.

Alexander was born in Pella now located in Greece in 356 BC. Legend says that he was a God’s child because he was talented.

One of Alexander’s teachers was the famous Aristotle. Aristotle was the one who had  stated the fact “Man is a political animal” and he was also one of history’s greatest scholars.

When Alexander was 20 years of age his father, Philip II died and he ascended the Macedonian throne. This was the time when history was made. Read more about The Story of the Greatest- Alexander

Sir Winston Churchill

A Cigar and the Victory sign

Rise from the Ashes: Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was not the most exemplary student in school although he did win the WW2

We all know Churchill as a great Politician who was always loyal to his country and saved it during times of despair.

Churchill was born on 30th November, 1874. He was intelligent but extremely self-willed. He did not learn or study the classics. Instead, as if on purpose, read and wrote English essays. Maybe, this was where he got the flair to write from.

Sir Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill as a young man never loved literature classics


Read more about A Cigar and the Victory sign