Women's Fashion

Women’s Fashion in the 1940s

From Frilly Silk Skirts to Straight Classic Cuts

In the 1940s women’s fashion changed into something we can relate to today

Women's Fashion

The WW2 really tested everyone directly or indirectly. It influences us even today.

Clothes till the 1930s were made of silk with fancy zips and buttons. They had chains and multiple other fashions.

These clothes were often expensive and made to look affluent.

If people decided to wear such expensive clothes, what would be left for the troops living in the trenches? Read more about Women’s Fashion in the 1940s

Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The Bhavani Talwar that Changed India

Story Of Maharashtra’s hero

In every Maharashtrians’ heart, the mention of the Shivaji Maharaj sparks a flame. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India’s history. He didn’t fight against the European powers but showed his discontent to the foreign Mughals

The best part in Indian history that I love, is this phase of Shivaji and the rise of Swarajya (Independence).

What amazes me is that this King started with a small piece of land that he owned, a jagir in historical terms, and converted this into an empire.

Shivaji Maharaj
Shivaji Maharaj in his coronation

He became the King that other Kingdoms feared. All this in a span of three decades in the 17th Century AD.

Shivaji Maharaj didn’t have a lot of treasury. The strength of this army was tiny compared to his rivals and his kingdom was also small.

With these little resources at is disposal, he managed to horrify those who threatened and harmed his subjects. This made him an immediate favourite amongst his people.

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Khidrapur Temple

Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple

Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple

This temple is located on the Maharashtra and Karnataka border and is carved out of one rock

Khidrapur is a small village located at the edge of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Looking at the village it is hard to believe that it houses such a wonderful piece of art.

Getting to Khidrapur is a long drive through unsteady roads. The journey though is worth it. The road takes you through unending fields.

The fields are so endless as though it were a carpet of green rolled out on the brownish-black soil. Read more about Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple