Khidrapur Temple

Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple

Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple

This temple is located on the Maharashtra and Karnataka border and is carved out of one rock

Khidrapur is a small village located at the edge of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Looking at the village it is hard to believe that it houses such a wonderful piece of art.

Getting to Khidrapur is a long drive through unsteady roads. The journey though is worth it. The road takes you through unending fields.

The fields are so endless as though it were a carpet of green rolled out on the brownish-black soil. Read more about Khidrapur: The Pillar Temple

Marseille, France

French Rivera: Marseille

This Beautiful Port Called Marseille

Marseille has gone on to become one of the top French destinations and here is how it evolved… 


Famously known as Massilia when the Romans ruled over it, Marseille is a port city in south France on the Mediterranean Sea. Today, The city is the next largest hub in France after Paris. It was labelled European Capital of Culture in 2013. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the south of France and has a large number of theatres and an extensive arts centre in La Firche.

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