Statue of Liberty, New York

New York

Ever Since Franklin Roosevelt visited New York

New York might be the city that is ever changing but some mysteries linger on


State of New York, 1800
State of New York, 1800

New York provides the stimulus of change in the world. Nothing remains in one place but constantly keeps changing into something newer and more livelier in this city. That’s just how New York is.

New York was named after the Duke of York by the British. Most surprisingly, it also served as the capital of the US for just a year till they moved on to Washington DC.

The huge neon hoardings on Times Square, skyscrapers that almost touch the sky, scores of people rushing past, yellow taxis on the road are what symbolise this metropolis.

Statue of Liberty, New York
Statue of Liberty, New York

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Int'l Museum Workers Day

Magic and the Magicians Who Work Behind the Scene At a Museum

Magic and the Magicians Who Work Behind the Scene At a Museum

Museums are a storehouse of magic and the museum workers hold the wands. Theres so much more than meets the eye. Explore the Magic and the Magicians Who Work Behind the Scene At a Museum


The CSMVS museum in Mumbai is one of the best museums in India
Curtesy- Bernard Gagnon-WikiMAIN. The Daily Pao


On one rainy night I plopped on the couch to watch what felt like the hundredth rerun of the 2005 version of the movie Pride & Prejudice. Voicing out the lines and stuffing my mouth with chips, I was lost in thought. When Elizabeth Bennet arrives at the grand estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle, she is taken in by the beauty. She chides herself at denying an estate so grand by refusing to marry Mr. Darcy. In that moment I couldn’t help but wonder, how are random people allowed to visit households as if they are museums?

Pemberley. Int'l Museum Workers Day
Pemberley in Derbyshire is Mr.Darcy’s house in the novel Pride & Prejudice
Curtesy: Orchard Gate Books

When Jane Austen wrote the novel, it was perfectly normal to visit stranger’s estates to admire their houses and collections. If you find an unknown person in your house today, it would probably be a burglar!

The concept of museums first took shape in houses as personal collections. They weren’t old objects but simply hunted stuffed animals put on a pedestal. These natural history collections were well documented by their owners. These exhibitions were open for all the upper and middle classes to see. When family heirlooms and collectables became a part of personal collections for generations, these collectables became old artefacts to treasure.  Read more about Magic and the Magicians Who Work Behind the Scene At a Museum

Hackney Carriage, London


Hidden In Plain Sight: London

Millions of tourists visit this city every year yet some things remain hidden


Big Ben, London Eye, London
The view of Big Ben from the Westminster Pier

When I say London, these are the pictures that come before most eyes. The ‘Big Ben’ and London’s black cab.

London Black Cab
London’s Black Cab

The ‘Big Ben’ as it is so famously called is not the accurate name of the tower. The tower is christened Elizabeth Tower and the bell that chimes inside the tower is called the Big Ben. Now, the Elizabeth Tower is a part of the Houses of Westminster. The House of Westminster is where the parliament of the UK meet and conduct sessions. The House of Lords and House of Commons meets here.

Just opposite the Houses of Westminster is the Portcullis Building that has the offices of the minsters since the old parliament has little space to fit all MPs.

Portcullis House, Westminster, Big Ben, London Eye, London
Portcullis House where the MPs offices are located

Now for the head turner trivia.

Did you know that the Portcullis building sits on an underground train station called Westminster? If you get out of the station and turn around, the building will be right over your head!

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Flora Fountain- Mumbai


Gone With The Times

To make Mumbai, we have wiped out the old Bombay leaving behind only the names


Flora Fountain- Mumbai
The Flora Fountain in Mumbai

Hello Mumbaikar, how long have you been staying in Mumbai? If you are a former habitant of this city, or wether you just left it behind, few names like Churchgate, Marine Lines, Jacob Circle, Elphinstone Circle are always at the tip of your tongue.

You definitely must have visited these places several times. Yet have you any clue about what these names mean?  Read more about Mumbai

Photocopy- Xerox


From Chester Carlson’s Invention Notebook to You

How an undying passion for his invention got you the photocopy

Photocopy- Xerox

Have you ever taken a ‘xerox’? Did you take a photocopy today?

When this idea came to Chester Carlson, nobody thought it would ever work. Encouraging, is it not?

A teenaged Chester worked at a printers shop. There he produced 2 editions of a little magazine for chemists.

He had a natural inclination towards the discipline of chemistry.

While printing the magazine, ideas floated in his head. Since then, he’d always carry a notebook with him to jot down his big ideas. Read more about Photocopy

Instant Coffee- Nescafé

Instant Coffee

The Instant Fix which took 8 Years to Make

It all started with a Nescafé, really

Instant Coffee- Nescafé

Consumed your morning cup of coffee today? How did you have it? Did you grind coffee beans, put them in a filter and then make coffee?

What today we consider as authentically brewed coffee was once what was available to everyone. The instant coffee that we consume today was never heard off in the 19th century.

After the Great Depression of 1929, coffee prices began to fall. The coffee produced in Brazil lay in surplus in the warehouses. Something had to be done. Read more about Instant Coffee