What Mom Never Told You About Samosas

What Mom Never Told You About Samosas

How India’s favourite fast food is not Indian and definitely not vegetarian

Remember those days when school and college canteens served only Samosas and vada pavs? Or that passion we harbour for samosa chat or samosa pav?

It is something about this triangular cone of goodness that brings water to our mouths. Without having a bite, we can taste a samosa. This bundle of joy comes with so many memories: a snack during Diwali, an amazing treat with a steaming cup of chai or just another fun on-the-go meal with your friends.

Before you run into dreamland of Samosas, hold your horses. Here are 7 really cool facts about Samosas that’ll impress your friends.

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7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

Think You know everything about Coco Chanel? Think again. Did you know she was an established Nazi Spy?

This is something straight from an action thriller starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role: A secret double agent with guns and sass keeping baddies in their place. In reality, the plot thickens and gets more interesting. This secret double agent of ours is not just a spy but also a world renowned fashion designer. Uh huh, it’s Coco Chanel.

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Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick Taboos You Didn’t Know Existed

Red Lipstick Taboos You Didn’t Know Existed

The Flamboyant Evolution of Red Lipsticks

I love a red lip – red is one of my favourite colours, and I really don’t wear many other lipstick colours than red.

-Kendall Jenner


Lipstick has been painting faces for centuries. It is a part of every cosmetic make up line. Every woman wears lipstick in her lifetime- be it for a party or to look silly during school concerts.

Nudes, mattes, glossy lipsticks are often in vogue and sometimes recede in the background. Despite this the lipstick is an imperative accessory in our make up kit.

Let’s talk about lipsticks, more accurately the sensual Red Lipstick.

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Indian Notes Currency

Indian Currency Notes Before Gandhi

What Did The Indian Currency Notes Look Like Without Gandhi

Did you know Indian currency notes never had Gandhi on them till recent?


A friend recently came across a very suspicious looking Rs. 20 note. The note not only looked different from the ones in normal circulation but also had something missing, or rather someone. There was no Gandhi staring back at you! Was this a fake note?

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Amul Butter Girl

India’s Butter Girl

The Cartoon On The Amul Butter Advertisement has Captured India’s Heart for Decades

The Story of how Amul created India’s Butter Girl

Amul, the Taste Of India brought us Asli Butter.

Amul Butter is synonymous with butter back home in India. And Amul is India’s leading Food company, undoubtedly voted the best. It is also the company who owns the Butter Girl of India. Read more about India’s Butter Girl