Conquering the Daulatabad Fort

Conquering the Daulatabad Fort

Conquering the Daulatabad Fort

The psychology at play behind one of India’s most impregnable forts

Climbing atop the Daulatabad Fort had been on my bucket list for quiet a while. I am happy to say that I’ve now ticked that one off.

Ever since visiting the fort a few years ago, I always wanted to scale it to the top. At that time we were pressed for time and most people didn’t recommend going all the way up. See the Ellora Caves instead and that’s what we did.

Being the history buff that I am, I’ve always wanted to come back and now I did. I went up to the top climbing about 500 uneven stairs, even through the dark. Whatever the people might say, never miss climbing this fort, it is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

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Exploring the Edinburgh Castle

Exploring the Edinburgh Castle

 Exploring the Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle looms over the Scottish capital replete with history and secrets, let us explore what it has to offer

When I first googled the castle, all that I found out was that the Edinburgh Castle is haunted. Pictures of hauntings and scary stories are all over my search history. I hate horror stories and anything got to do with paranormal activity. It’s too spooky and threatens my precious sleep. The decision was quite obvious, skip the castle, there are many others to see in the United Kingdom.

It took our tour planner a lot of time to convince us to change our minds. And thank god we did!

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Banias and Havelis

Why Rajasthani Banias Built Havelis

Why Rajasthani Banias Built Havelis

A short story

Rajasthan is by far the most touristy state in India. From its vibrant culture and dresses to its grand royal palaces, it is no wonder that Rajasthan attracts tourists.

Rajasthan is also home to the Marwari community. Generally, Marwaris are famous for their businesses and business acumen. Shekhawati is just a city where trading won most merchants money and money has built this beautiful place.

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Instant Coffee- Nescafé

5 Stories of Items That You Used Today

5 Stories of Items That You Used Today

You must have definitely used these 5 items today, yet are you sure you know their story?

We use so many items everyday, right from texting a friend to hurriedly checking your watch because you are late for the early morning lecture. In these stressful times, there are certain things who help us get through the day. Most of them never existed 100 years ago. What are these magic items and who are these magicians who invented them?

Read on for 5 original Stories of Items That You Used Today

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6 Things You Never Knew About the Pied Piper

6 Things You Never Knew About the Pied Piper

6 Things You Never Knew About the Pied Piper

Pied Piper is perhaps one of the most haunting of stories and it gets even more interesting

We’ve all heard the Pied Piper story. The Pied Piper just like the Bogeyman, is a good way to scare children. “The Pied Piper will come and get you! Be a good girl/boy, alright?”

Let us revisit the the Pied Piper story.

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Inside The BMC Building

Inside The BMC Building

Inside The Bombay Municipal Corporation Building

The BMC building in the south of the Mumbai city is mostly unnoticed. Explore this building from the inside


The city of Mumbai never sleeps. Trains leave the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Train Terminus each and everyday. People pour out of this building in floods, so very busy in their work.

This CST station building is undoubtedly a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fredrick William Stevens designed this incredible structure. Yet did you know, the Victoria Terminus, as it was called, wasn’t supposed to be the jewel. Fredrick William Stevens had built another building, he wanted to put emphasis on this building. This was Steven’s crowning glory.

Inside The BMC Building
The BMC building

The building that stands just opposite the CST station is famously known to be the Mumbai Municipal Corporation building. In our negligent knowledge of Mumbai’s rich heritage, we have looked past this building. It’s just another old building in the south of Bombay, or is it?

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Slaying Jack the Ripper

Slaying Jack The Ripper

Slaying Jack The Ripper

The Murderer who ‘Ripped’ through London

*Warning: Disturbing Images

Have you heard about the Ripper? It is one of the bloodiest serial murder cases ever to occur on earth.

In 1888, London wasn’t the clean city we know today. Poverty, sickness and stench was everywhere. The poor had to build themselves a living. To pull this off, some had to resort to extreme cases. The Ripper took advantage of this situation.

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