History of Kilts

The History of Kilts

History of the Kilts

The story of how Scotland’s Traditional Dress Came to Be

Home to the most stunning landscapes this planet has to offer with a castle or two nestled between the majestic mountains, cool refreshing breeze that carries the tune of a bagpipe and a whiskey to keep you warm, this is Scotland. A country known for its ‘Harry Potter’ bridge, and men wearing skirts, at least that’s what part of the world thinks this clothing is, a skirt.

These ‘skirts’ are technically called Kilts and worn by Scottish men as a traditional dress. If you were to visit Scotland, you’d find most guides and a few guards around castles wear these kilts. They indeed make you look smart!

In a country situated close to the North pole, the weather is chilly most of the year. Looking back in Scottish history, life in the Highland was tough. The Highlanders had to protect themselves from the bitting cold amidst the many regional conflicts that often took place in this land especially with the English in the south. Read more about The History of Kilts

Story of Bombay Stock Exchange

Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

Ever Expanding: The Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

From a beautiful bay to India’s financial guru, the journey of Bombay and its Stock Exchange

As the rush hour trains reach CST, people jump out, there is no time to linger about, they are on a tight schedule and the clock’s ticking. Outside the station, the queues for a share taxi are expanding and there is a probability of being late for work.

Life is tough, as it has always been in Bombay. This city which runs on the sole principal of ‘Time is Money’ has no time to stop and take a break. Money is what every single heart living in Mumbai wants.

This city is a strange soap opera. The people, businesses, technology is ever changing but Bombay’s love for Money, has always been constant.

But Bombay wasn’t always a money making factory. Some historians say that the origin of ‘Bombay’ comes from Bombhaim meaning a beautiful bay in Portuguese. And the Bombay of the 17th century was indeed an inhibited paradise with canopies of coconut trees and water all around.

It was when the British Crown won over a few islands and gave them on loan to the British East India Company that things began to take a turn for these seven islands. The East India Company saw the opportunity that Bombay provided being a safe harbour, something that wasn’t seen by the Portuguese or the British Crown previously.

It was then that ships began docking here: Parsis, Banias, Gujuratis and people from all over came to Bombay for one single purpose- to make money. Businesses bloomed, money exchanged hands and some people became rich. Rich enough to fund the East India Company’s infrastructure projects.

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How Bombay Became Mumbai

Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

The City of Mumbai has some of the best gems of British colonial architecture, most of them forgotten to time


The City of Dreams, where there is no place for rest and the idea of roads without traffic almost foreign; yet despite the plethora of negative multimedia on Bombay, nobody seems to be able to keep away from it. Thousands of people from across India and abroad come here to chase their ‘dreams’ not really caring that it is indeed simple to get lost in them.

As crowds come and go like the ocean tides, there are a few monuments scattered around the city that define these people. The South Bombay, the place where all trains lead to can be called a point where Bombay transformed from a merely beautiful group of 7 islands to India’s trillion dollar financial capital.

Needless to say, this southern side of the city is scattered with many a monuments that take a visitor back 150 years. Previously at GiGlee Magazine, I have written about these few monuments and have myself been shocked at the layers of history underneath.

In this article let us take a breath and revisit 4 Monuments in the City of Dreams…. Read more about Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht at Edinburgh tells a tale of two almost separate worlds

It is a fact when I say that every inch of Scotland is scenic. Standing at the helm of the Royal Yacht Britannia, the view across from me was no different.

Colours of blue and grey with the birds flying across the harbour was a sight from a watercolour painting. The calm waves of the water, smaller yachts and boats bobbing on the waves alongside a little white lighthouse reminded me of a coastal village.

However I wasn’t standing at the shore of a village but at Port Leith, a half an hour ride away from Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

The sole attraction on this side of the city is this Royal yacht.  Read more about Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia