History of Stirling Castle

The History of Stirling Castle

Live the history of Scotland through the eyes of one of its most important Castles I visited the Stirling Castle in Scotland a few years ago. I didn’t know much about the Scottish history back then but I definitely enjoyed roaming around the castle. It has a historic aura to it. And considering the plethora […]

Dispelling Rumours about the Kailash Cave Temple

The Cave No.16 at Ellora has been the source for many intriguing tales, which amongst them speak the truth? It was on an amiable day in December that I found myself in one of the world’s most mystic Hindu temples. I was one amongst many, surrounded by throngs of tourists jostling past me to enter […]

Warwick Castle

Back to Medieval England: the Warwick Castle

Explore the tales of the 1000 year old Warwick castle in England England has been home to a very classic example of aristocratic living as can be seen via the famous series Downton Abbey. Aristocratic lives continued to be a part of society up until the early 20th century. The lives of people at Downton […]

A Life Well Lived: Dr.Anandibai Joshi

How one woman paved the way for millions of women in India The Marathi movie Anandi Gopal hit theatres last Friday. A movie that has received only applause for its depiction of the life of Dr.Anandibai Gopal Joshi. The first Indian woman to become an MD in western medicine in the 19th century. Her journey […]

York Minster

Exploring York Minster

Uncover the beautiful architecture behind one of England’s most recognisable churches Visiting the City of York was like stepping back in time. This city was built by the ancient Romans and has preserved its aura. The medieval walls that run across York are like the strings of time that anchor this city into the past. […]

A Peek Into Indian Architecture

Let us take a short glimpse into the treasure called Indian Architecture ( A Podcast coming up soon….) The land where the sacred River Ganges flows, has seen the birth of our world’s four religions. This land has been invaded and plundered but never in its thousands of years of history has a single invader […]