Byzantine Empire

Centre of the World

The Centre of the World- Byzantine Empire

The Empire which sat in the middle of trade and prosperity


This empire has many different names, given to it by time, because of its geographical location. The city of Byzantine is also revered as Constantinople and in the present day as Istanbul.

In history it was a rich city because it was the centre of trade routes.

Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire was the centre of trade

Geographically as a kingdom, the city was ideal to defend and difficult to capture. Byzantine lain in a peninsular region surrounded by water on three sides

For over a 1000 years, this city was a part of the Eastern Roman Empire. In AD 330 the Roman king Constantine the Great changed his headquarters from Rome to his prosperous city and named it after him- Constantinople.

Even after the decline of the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern was strong. Emperor Justinian won parts of Italy, Spain and North Africa. About a century later, the Eastern Roman Empire was subject to attacks by Slavonic tribes and Muslim Arabs. But they all failed.

In 1071 AD the Turks captured Palestine. To save his kingdom the Emperor asked the Christians for military help. This resulted in the fight of the Christians and Muslims for about 200 years. These wars are what we call the Crusades.

Byzantine Empire
The Crusades lasted for 200 years between the Christians and the Muslims

After this the Byzantine Empire lasted for 250 years. The end came when the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453 and made it the capital of their Ottoman Empire.

Byzantine has shaped and created history. Its influence and history has altered the Word History. Without it USA, India and the rest of Asia wouldn’t have been discovered.

Navigation would never have improved hadn’t it been for the Turks who prevent trade thorough Constantinople.


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