A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

A Crash Course on Brahmi:

India’s oldest Script

Facts about the Brahmi Script I learnt on a sunny Saturday Afternoon 

What’s more fun than getting the opportunity to hold a bunch of 2000 year old coins in your hand? That’s how I spent one scorching October afternoon. The 38° celsius weather did nothing to stop me from attending a crash course about the Brahmi script. Read more about A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

The Story Behind Bloody Mary

The Story Behind Bloody Mary

Spooky Stories: Who is Bloody Mary

Is the folklore about Bloody Mary real? It might be…

We’ve all heard the spooky story of Bloody Mary. As a child, I was too creeped out by this story even though in my early days I would be scared of the smallest of things, like the Dementors in Harry Potter.

However some adventurous sorts have tried chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ thrice in front of a mirror at midnight in hopes to say hi to this crude looking woman. This legend also narrates how Bloody Mary would appear and steal children.

Most adults (who aren’t creeped out anymore, like me) would dismiss this ancient legend by thinking it as a nice gimmick to get children to bed on time. However this story of Bloody Mary is not just an old myth but a story woven around a real person! Read more about The Story Behind Bloody Mary

History of Kilts

The History of Kilts

History of the Kilts

The story of how Scotland’s Traditional Dress Came to Be

Home to the most stunning landscapes this planet has to offer with a castle or two nestled between the majestic mountains, cool refreshing breeze that carries the tune of a bagpipe and a whiskey to keep you warm, this is Scotland. A country known for its ‘Harry Potter’ bridge, and men wearing skirts, at least that’s what part of the world thinks this clothing is, a skirt.

These ‘skirts’ are technically called Kilts and worn by Scottish men as a traditional dress. If you were to visit Scotland, you’d find most guides and a few guards around castles wear these kilts. They indeed make you look smart!

In a country situated close to the North pole, the weather is chilly most of the year. Looking back in Scottish history, life in the Highland was tough. The Highlanders had to protect themselves from the bitting cold amidst the many regional conflicts that often took place in this land especially with the English in the south. Read more about The History of Kilts

Story of Bombay Stock Exchange

Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

Ever Expanding: The Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

From a beautiful bay to India’s financial guru, the journey of Bombay and its Stock Exchange

As the rush hour trains reach CST, people jump out, there is no time to linger about, they are on a tight schedule and the clock’s ticking. Outside the station, the queues for a share taxi are expanding and there is a probability of being late for work.

Life is tough, as it has always been in Bombay. This city which runs on the sole principal of ‘Time is Money’ has no time to stop and take a break. Money is what every single heart living in Mumbai wants.

This city is a strange soap opera. The people, businesses, technology is ever changing but Bombay’s love for Money, has always been constant.

But Bombay wasn’t always a money making factory. Some historians say that the origin of ‘Bombay’ comes from Bombhaim meaning a beautiful bay in Portuguese. And the Bombay of the 17th century was indeed an inhibited paradise with canopies of coconut trees and water all around.

It was when the British Crown won over a few islands and gave them on loan to the British East India Company that things began to take a turn for these seven islands. The East India Company saw the opportunity that Bombay provided being a safe harbour, something that wasn’t seen by the Portuguese or the British Crown previously.

It was then that ships began docking here: Parsis, Banias, Gujuratis and people from all over came to Bombay for one single purpose- to make money. Businesses bloomed, money exchanged hands and some people became rich. Rich enough to fund the East India Company’s infrastructure projects.

Read more about Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Explore a religion that embraces simplicity and rejects ignorance

It was on a rainy day that I found myself at the CSMVS Museum yet again. The excuse for my visit  was to enjoy the best monsoon views in the city of Mumbai which the museum has to offer & to revisit the Nepal and Tibetan gallery here. This gallery was long due a good thorough examination.

I have never visited any of India’s neighbouring countries. But I have always found them rather fascinating with their connection to Buddhism, a religion born in India.

Buddhism might not have as many followers in India as its neighbours but the essence of this religion finds its way into a student’s textbook at an early stage.

The enlightenment of Buddha and his story is a widely narrated folktale in India. The 4 Fold Path that is the crux of Buddhism is taught in schools too. However what the folklore and textbooks miss is the very essence of Buddhism and its oxymoron with Hinduism.

Visiting the Nepal and Tibetan Gallery, I learnt something very exciting about Buddhism that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Read more about Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

The History of Stock Market

History of The Stock Market

History of The Stock Market

The Biggest Tool of Today’s Era of Capitalisation is the Stock Market. Let us explore the story of how this market came to be & evolved

*Scroll down below for the glossary to uncover all the technical terms:)

Every newspaper, news channel and e-newspapers keep going on about the Sensex, the stocks and where to invest. Instead of the horrid humid weather and animated political talks, people consider it cool to discuss about this thing called the stock market.

What is this strange market we call the ‘Stock Market’?

To the uninitiated, stocks are simply a way to gain part ownership of a company. These stocks are first sold by the company to some people. These people further sell their stocks to others thus transferring their part ownership to the new buyer. This buying and selling of stocks takes place in a ‘Stock Exchange’. Together, this entire system is what we collectively call the ‘Stock Market’

One of the First Financial Scams in History: Tulip Crisis
The Amsterdam Stock Exchange- The World’s First Stock Exchange

The History Of Stock Market

The story of how stock markets came to be is very fascinating. It is so because the first stock exchanges never traded any stocks!! Read more about History of The Stock Market

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Indian Curry has journeyed across time and place becoming the oldest continuously eaten dish on the planet!


The sumptuous smell of burnt garlic and fried brown onions enter my nostrils. The hot smell of spices fill the air. The mouthwatering taste of garam masala topped off with turmeric, chilli powder and pepper dazzles me, I can feel its taste on my tongue. It is then that I know; the most fulfilling meal awaits me. I am ready to tuck in!

These rather illustrious sentiments of mine were shared by the colonists who came to the Indian shores in the 17th century. They might have come to trade or plunder this rich land, dominate their culture over the people of this subcontinent. What these colonists were definitely not ready for was the spicy aromatic flavours of the native food that hung over a village street, dancing on the wind, inviting every passerby to stay for lunch.

It was because of this addictive food that kept evolving with the myriad communities of the Indian society that the British might have gotten confused with what to call a standard Indian meal.

Even today when someone remarks about their love for ‘Indian Food’ I often wonder what that is. Do they mean the Xacuti or the Fish Curry the Goans cook or the ghee based gravies of the North, Dal Bati of Rajasthan, the Mangalorean curry or the food cooked using mustard oil in Bengal? Read more about The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

A man who played a soothing rhythm of science and art

Every science touches art at some points—every art has its scientific side; the worst man of science is he who is never an artist, and the worst artist is he who is never a man of science.
-Armand Trousseau

Despite this metaphoric description of how art and science blend together like bread and butter, today’s education system holds these two apart like chalk and cheese. It is pointed out time and again that those who master in science cannot excel at art and vice versa.

Owing to this prejudice set in stone in our minds, we were a bit skeptical while making our way towards the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for an art walk.

The TIFR is a famous institute governed under the Central Government of India which primarily encourages education and research in physics and mathematics.

What art could they possibly possess? Read more about Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

George Thomas: the Irish Rajah of India

George Thomas: The Irish Rajah of India

George Thomas: The Irish Rajah of India

The surprising story of a young lad from Ireland who became a Rajah in India

While speaking with my fellow history enthusiast I came across a man named George Thomas: the Irish Rajah of India. I was very intrigued by this. How did an Irish Rajah never make it into our history books?

I did some research and indeed such a man did exist. He is a part of multiple memoirs too. George Thomas has gone down in books as an incredible man, one who won plenty battles in his time in the subcontinent.

This victorious stories though seem very fishy. All these memoirs he stars in as a hero have been penned down by Europeans. Back in the 18th century European men, especially those away from their homeland had a special talent to record facts in a very dramatic fashion. These exaggerated facts made their way onto Army men’s boss’s desks and then were passed into other influential hands, often changing the order of events. Sometimes or rather most of the times, these stories were cooked up to impress unassuming naive young ladies back home in Europe.

Considering all this, what remains the crux of George Thomas’ life is the fact that he did lead a rather remarkable one. Thomas went from being a nobody from Tipperary in Ireland to the Rajah of Hansi in India. So how did his life play out? Read more about George Thomas: The Irish Rajah of India

The Curse of Fatehpur Sikri

The Curse of Fatehpur Sikri

The Curse of Fatehpur Sikri

This beautiful city Emperor Akbar built had a tragic fate

Red sandstone on more intricately carved sandstone and in that sea of red, a peaceful white marble abode, calm and serene. That is how you could describe Fatehpur Sikri.

I visited the cities of Delhi and Agra a couple of years ago. It was one of those long awaited school trips, the best of the lot. Needless to say, we had tremendous fun. It was icing on the cake that this trip came long with a package of many historical monuments.

Amongst these plethora of historical monuments, is the city of Fatehpur Sikri. If you look at legends, the origins of Fatehpur Sikri all point to Emperor Akbar.  Read more about The Curse of Fatehpur Sikri