My Last Visit to the Strand Book Store

My Last Visit to the Strand Book Store

My Last Visit to the Strand Book Store

This locally adored bookshop is shutting its doors for the last time on 28th February

Ever since I heard that the Strand Book Store is shutting down, I wanted to visit it. I had heard much about this bookshop but I had never been there.

It was a famous destination for prominent men as well as the Aam Aadmi. Frequented by the young and old alike.

Since it was located around the RBI headquarters and the main industrial area of Bombay, most office-goers would flock here to take a book or two for their journey home.  Read more about My Last Visit to the Strand Book Store

Instant Coffee- Nescafé

5 Stories of Items That You Used Today

5 Stories of Items That You Used Today

You must have definitely used these 5 items today, yet are you sure you know their story?

We use so many items everyday, right from texting a friend to hurriedly checking your watch because you are late for the early morning lecture. In these stressful times, there are certain things who help us get through the day. Most of them never existed 100 years ago. What are these magic items and who are these magicians who invented them?

Read on for 5 original Stories of Items That You Used Today

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Amul Butter Girl

India’s Butter Girl

The Cartoon On The Amul Butter Advertisement has Captured India’s Heart for Decades

The Story of how Amul created India’s Butter Girl

Amul, the Taste Of India brought us Asli Butter.

Amul Butter is synonymous with butter back home in India. And Amul is India’s leading Food company, undoubtedly voted the best. It is also the company who owns the Butter Girl of India. Read more about India’s Butter Girl

History of Modern Chocolate

History of Modern Chocolate

What Came First: Solid Chocolate or Chocolate Drink? This is the Story of the Modern Chocolate   Breathe in. Can you smell it? That sweet, vanilla and a little bitter aroma? Now close your eyes and imagine this thick creamy brown liquid. A brown glossy liquid with that mouthwatering aroma. Imagine it, think about it. […]

Old Blue Jeans


The Story Of Old Blue Jeans

Jeans aren’t just a trend, they are signs of youth


Rip them, fold them, taper them, dye them, wrinkle them- they look stunning on everyone. The denim or jeans as we so call them, are one of the most comfortable clothes to spend the day in.

‘Denim’ is believed to be the end product of the word- Nimes. Serge de Nimes was a type of cloth containing some wool sold by France and England. It is difficult to pin point the exact origins of this cloth or how it ended up in jeans. Nimes was a french city and thus most historians argue that it is not possible for ‘denim’ to have its origins in Nimes.

Old Blue Jeans
The red location icon is where the city of Nimes is. This city is considered the place where the word ‘denim’ is derived.

At the same time, Italy began using another material called ‘Jean’ to make men’s clothing. This material was also imported by England! Which adds into the complexity.

Phew, what a confusion!  Read more about Jeans

Photocopy- Xerox


From Chester Carlson’s Invention Notebook to You

How an undying passion for his invention got you the photocopy

Photocopy- Xerox

Have you ever taken a ‘xerox’? Did you take a photocopy today?

When this idea came to Chester Carlson, nobody thought it would ever work. Encouraging, is it not?

A teenaged Chester worked at a printers shop. There he produced 2 editions of a little magazine for chemists.

He had a natural inclination towards the discipline of chemistry.

While printing the magazine, ideas floated in his head. Since then, he’d always carry a notebook with him to jot down his big ideas. Read more about Photocopy

Instant Coffee- Nescafé

Instant Coffee

The Instant Fix which took 8 Years to Make

It all started with a Nescafé, really

Instant Coffee- Nescafé

Consumed your morning cup of coffee today? How did you have it? Did you grind coffee beans, put them in a filter and then make coffee?

What today we consider as authentically brewed coffee was once what was available to everyone. The instant coffee that we consume today was never heard off in the 19th century.

After the Great Depression of 1929, coffee prices began to fall. The coffee produced in Brazil lay in surplus in the warehouses. Something had to be done. Read more about Instant Coffee

Milk In Tetra Paks

Tetra Pak

How Tetra Pak Changed Our Milk Habits

The Clinking Milk Bottles disappeared from your doorstep, replaced by Tetra Paks

Milk In Tetra Paks
Milk bottles were replaced

Do you remember milk bottles that the milkman dropped at your doorstep? Well, I don’t because I grew up thinking that milk was  always packaged in little sacks or cartons.

Milk bottles were the preferable mode of milk packaging. In some countries, milk was bought in bulk using containers and then utilised by pouring it into cans as needed.

This had multiple problems. The milk bottles had to be washed before returning, in some countries this was compulsory by law. What was the assurance that every bottle would be washed thoroughly?  Read more about Tetra Pak

Women in Wimbledon UK

Women In Wimbledon

Turning Behind Time In Wimbledon

The legacy of Women in Wimbledon

Women in Wimbledon UK

There was a tennis club just out of London in the UK in Wimbledon. They wanted to buy a grass roller but had no money. They had heard of this idea of a competition where people paid to watch matches like in cinema theatres. What if they did that?

So, to afford a grass roller Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club started a men only competition. One seat cost 20 shillings.

21 men participated and it was a success!

They could definitely afford the roller now. But why stop this new stream of income? They decided to continue the competition. Thus my friends, Wimbledon Open was born.

Now a tube ride and a short bus trip takes you to the lawns. Over the years, the Wimbledon Club has shifted its premises.

Visiting Wimbledon is like arriving in royalty. The championship teems with elegance, tradition is the lifeline that lures us all.

If you take a tour of the grounds, it takes you through the art of court making and it’s maintenance. You can oversee the courts and sit in the audience stands at Centre Court.

When the championships are underway, there is a different story to tell. The entire premises are filled with people. And all in all during the championships in June, a cream strawberry is what is the talk of the week! Strawberries and cream is the famous food that captivates everyone. Cream and strawberries are freshly made from the people living in the vicinity. The strawberries ripen in June, perfectly in time for the championships.

The Wimbledon Museum shares the Championship’s complete story. The old rackets, tennis balls, advertisement’s and newspaper clippings are all on display. Let me tell you what is more captivating, there is also a display for the sport’s attire that Wimbledon has seen through the ages.

In 1884, Wimbledon open its doors to female players. It is also to year that they introduced the men’s doubles.

In this year, you can see how ego goes beyond money. Instead of 20 shillings for tickets, as was the normal ticket cost, the club sold tickets for 10 shillings for women’s matches. Preposterous indeed! Read more about Women In Wimbledon