What Mom Never Told You About Samosas

What Mom Never Told You About Samosas

How India’s favourite fast food is not Indian and definitely not vegetarian

Remember those days when school and college canteens served only Samosas and vada pavs? Or that passion we harbour for samosa chat or samosa pav?

It is something about this triangular cone of goodness that brings water to our mouths. Without having a bite, we can taste a samosa. This bundle of joy comes with so many memories: a snack during Diwali, an amazing treat with a steaming cup of chai or just another fun on-the-go meal with your friends.

Before you run into dreamland of Samosas, hold your horses. Here are 7 really cool facts about Samosas that’ll impress your friends.

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7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

Think You know everything about Coco Chanel? Think again. Did you know she was an established Nazi Spy?

This is something straight from an action thriller starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role: A secret double agent with guns and sass keeping baddies in their place. In reality, the plot thickens and gets more interesting. This secret double agent of ours is not just a spy but also a world renowned fashion designer. Uh huh, it’s Coco Chanel.

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Indian Notes Currency

Indian Currency Notes Before Gandhi

What Did The Indian Currency Notes Look Like Without Gandhi

Did you know Indian currency notes never had Gandhi on them till recent?


A friend recently came across a very suspicious looking Rs. 20 note. The note not only looked different from the ones in normal circulation but also had something missing, or rather someone. There was no Gandhi staring back at you! Was this a fake note?

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Annie Londonderry

Annie Londonderry

Around The World on a Bicycle

Annie ‘Londonderry’ was the first woman to travel alone around the world on a bicycle and fend for herself


Let us first look at the background behind Annie Londonderry’s historic trip around the world-

In the 1890s the suffragette movement was on in full swing in the major countries in the world like Britain, US, Australia and New Zealand. The two wheeled bicycle was looked upon as the perfect instrument for women emancipation.

Formerly bicycling for women was frowned upon. The Victorian society had stereotypical views when it came to women. Despite looking up to a Queen as their monarch, the people believed women to be fragile creatures who would faint easily and needed to be taken care of. The suffragettes wanted to change this.

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Soaring High: Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart was in love with aviation and she encouraged women to take up flying as well  “Please know I am quite aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must […]

Junko Tabei

Junko Tabei


On The Top Of The World

Junko Tabei was the first woman to successfully climb Mt. Everest and break stereotypes. This is her story

Junko Tabei

It was a cold dark night. Nothing could be heard except for the swooshing wind. No birds chirping, no lights, no civilisation nearby. It was pitch black and scary. The snow fell in heaps, mercilessly.

In the midst of this, stood tents housing about 15 women and 6 Sherpas to guide them 9000ft above sea level. It was dangerous not to mention deadly. These 15 women were headed to an unprecedented feat- to become the first women to scale the Mt. Everest.

As of this time, they were resting, sound asleep to gain strength for their ascent the next day. Just then everything began shaking. There was a tremble and a lot of snow, huge amounts of snow, cast upon them. Inside their tents, they would be trampled. Junko Tabei woke up with a start. With quick thinking she unclasped the penknife from a cord on her neck and held it up. Just then another climber grabbed the knife and slit the tent. Yet Junko lost her consciousness.

On 4th May 1975, an avalanche had struck the group. Would they make it?

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Bertha Benz

Bertha Benz

The Woman Behind the Benz

How Bertha Benz helped finance one of the best car companies


“Two young boys and a woman on a hissing, thumping horseless carriage could only be the work of the Devil himself.” This is what people had to say when they saw Bertha Benz swish past them along with her teenage sons. Read more about Bertha Benz

Rajabai Tower, Mumbai

Rajabai Tower

Postcard Perfect

The Story of Mumbai’s Rajabai Tower


South Mumbai’s Fort area hasn’t lost its British aura yet. The buildings, wide roads, the Flora Fountain and the Asiatic Library surely aren’t boasting an Indian look.

Sir Bartle Frere came to Bombay as the Governor of the Bombay Presidency. When he landed here in 1864, he knew that the Bombay skyline was an empty canvas to paint on. The chief wealthy businessmen at the time like Sir Jamshedjee Jeejebhoy, Jagannath Sunkersett, David Sasson and Sir Premchand Roychund had made a lot of money in the metropolis owing to the heavy trade between India and Britain which was conducted chiefly in Bombay. They readily joined in to Sir Frere’s idea to craft Bombay into mini London.

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Old Blue Jeans


The Story Of Old Blue Jeans

Jeans aren’t just a trend, they are signs of youth


Rip them, fold them, taper them, dye them, wrinkle them- they look stunning on everyone. The denim or jeans as we so call them, are one of the most comfortable clothes to spend the day in.

‘Denim’ is believed to be the end product of the word- Nimes. Serge de Nimes was a type of cloth containing some wool sold by France and England. It is difficult to pin point the exact origins of this cloth or how it ended up in jeans. Nimes was a french city and thus most historians argue that it is not possible for ‘denim’ to have its origins in Nimes.

Old Blue Jeans
The red location icon is where the city of Nimes is. This city is considered the place where the word ‘denim’ is derived.

At the same time, Italy began using another material called ‘Jean’ to make men’s clothing. This material was also imported by England! Which adds into the complexity.

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St. Cajetan Church

St. Cajetan Church

The Most Beautiful Church I’ve Ever Seen

The St. Cajetan Church shows us ‘Elegance in Simplicity’


If one decides to leave the crowded beaches alone and venture into the quaint narrow lanes of Goa, there is so much to discover. Personally I am not a big fan of the beaches and when in Goa, I am mostly hunting for Portuguese food. After binging on a Balchao or a Xacuti, it is time to go church hunting.

Old Goa is famous for the White and Red Churches that stand on opposite sides of the road. These churches are often swamped with tourists. They are magnificent, no doubt but take a road less travelled. From where these churches stand, slide down one of the lanes towards the Mandovi River. As you drive further with the help of a GPS, you’ll know exactly what you are searching for- the St. Cajetan Church. This Church might look like a white structure at first but as you park your vehicle and advance towards it amidst a wonderfully maintained garden, you’ll notice the beauty on the whitewashed walls. Read more about St. Cajetan Church