A Life Well Lived: Dr.Anandibai Joshi

How one woman paved the way for millions of women in India The Marathi movie Anandi Gopal hit theatres last Friday. A movie that has received only applause for its depiction of the life of Dr.Anandibai Gopal Joshi. The first Indian woman to become an MD in western medicine in the 19th century. Her journey […]

Japan’s Earthquake Resistant Himeji Castle

Japan’s Earthquake Resistant Himeji Castle

Japan’s Earthquake Resistant Himeji Castle

The Himeji Castle in Japan has never collapsed by natural or man made disasters in its 400 year long history

Pinkish white cherry blossoms, beautiful gardens, tea ceremonies, Kimonos and a great culture: that’s what we can summarise Japan as. We look at it as a country with rich culture yet a strong work ethic and tech savvy youngsters. This tiny nation has garnered for itself a respect for their sanitation and hygiene.

Yet Japan is also home to many havoc creating, devastating earthquakes.

How does it survive the after effects of earthquakes and continue to develop?

This is a unique country in itself. A country which has unfortunately destroyed a few of its castles and rebuilt new buildings. Other castles have collapsed due to wars, or the wrath of nature.

There are just three important and original castles that still exist to this day that exemplify old Japanese architecture. Out of these three is Himeji Castle (Himeji-Jo), or as some people call it the White Heron Castle.

Japan’s Earthquake Resistant Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle amidst the cherry blossoms
Picture Credits: Seattleite7 (Wikipedia Commons)

The Himeji Castle can be called as the King of all Japanese Castles simply because it is the largest and the most famous of them all. During my research, a few people have listed this castle as a part of the 7 Wonders of Japan!

What makes this castle so famous? Read more about Japan’s Earthquake Resistant Himeji Castle

A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

A Crash Course on Brahmi:

India’s oldest Script

Facts about the Brahmi Script I learnt on a sunny Saturday Afternoon 

What’s more fun than getting the opportunity to hold a bunch of 2000 year old coins in your hand? That’s how I spent one scorching October afternoon. The 38° celsius weather did nothing to stop me from attending a crash course about the Brahmi script. Read more about A Crash Course on Brahmi: India’s oldest Script

The Story Behind Bloody Mary

The Story Behind Bloody Mary

Spooky Stories: Who is Bloody Mary

Is the folklore about Bloody Mary real? It might be…

We’ve all heard the spooky story of Bloody Mary. As a child, I was too creeped out by this story even though in my early days I would be scared of the smallest of things, like the Dementors in Harry Potter.

However some adventurous sorts have tried chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ thrice in front of a mirror at midnight in hopes to say hi to this crude looking woman. This legend also narrates how Bloody Mary would appear and steal children.

Most adults (who aren’t creeped out anymore, like me) would dismiss this ancient legend by thinking it as a nice gimmick to get children to bed on time. However this story of Bloody Mary is not just an old myth but a story woven around a real person! Read more about The Story Behind Bloody Mary

History of Kilts

The History of Kilts

History of the Kilts

The story of how Scotland’s Traditional Dress Came to Be

Home to the most stunning landscapes this planet has to offer with a castle or two nestled between the majestic mountains, cool refreshing breeze that carries the tune of a bagpipe and a whiskey to keep you warm, this is Scotland. A country known for its ‘Harry Potter’ bridge, and men wearing skirts, at least that’s what part of the world thinks this clothing is, a skirt.

These ‘skirts’ are technically called Kilts and worn by Scottish men as a traditional dress. If you were to visit Scotland, you’d find most guides and a few guards around castles wear these kilts. They indeed make you look smart!

In a country situated close to the North pole, the weather is chilly most of the year. Looking back in Scottish history, life in the Highland was tough. The Highlanders had to protect themselves from the bitting cold amidst the many regional conflicts that often took place in this land especially with the English in the south. Read more about The History of Kilts

Story of Bombay Stock Exchange

Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

Ever Expanding: The Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

From a beautiful bay to India’s financial guru, the journey of Bombay and its Stock Exchange

As the rush hour trains reach CST, people jump out, there is no time to linger about, they are on a tight schedule and the clock’s ticking. Outside the station, the queues for a share taxi are expanding and there is a probability of being late for work.

Life is tough, as it has always been in Bombay. This city which runs on the sole principal of ‘Time is Money’ has no time to stop and take a break. Money is what every single heart living in Mumbai wants.

This city is a strange soap opera. The people, businesses, technology is ever changing but Bombay’s love for Money, has always been constant.

But Bombay wasn’t always a money making factory. Some historians say that the origin of ‘Bombay’ comes from Bombhaim meaning a beautiful bay in Portuguese. And the Bombay of the 17th century was indeed an inhibited paradise with canopies of coconut trees and water all around.

It was when the British Crown won over a few islands and gave them on loan to the British East India Company that things began to take a turn for these seven islands. The East India Company saw the opportunity that Bombay provided being a safe harbour, something that wasn’t seen by the Portuguese or the British Crown previously.

It was then that ships began docking here: Parsis, Banias, Gujuratis and people from all over came to Bombay for one single purpose- to make money. Businesses bloomed, money exchanged hands and some people became rich. Rich enough to fund the East India Company’s infrastructure projects.

Read more about Story of the Bombay Stock Exchange

Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

Ambitious women shine despite being hidden in the shadows

Women are stereotypically considered to be creative. Despite this attribute, 100 years ago a woman trying to make it into any such creative industry was frowned down upon. It was not just a glass door but an iron one with blots on the inside. Nonetheless there were a few women, some who were acknowledged and some shadowed by men, who broke through and sent a cold shiver behind a chauvinist’s back.


This is a list of 9 Women in the Creative Industry who were first in their respective fields.

Read more about 9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Explore a religion that embraces simplicity and rejects ignorance

It was on a rainy day that I found myself at the CSMVS Museum yet again. The excuse for my visit  was to enjoy the best monsoon views in the city of Mumbai which the museum has to offer & to revisit the Nepal and Tibetan gallery here. This gallery was long due a good thorough examination.

I have never visited any of India’s neighbouring countries. But I have always found them rather fascinating with their connection to Buddhism, a religion born in India.

Buddhism might not have as many followers in India as its neighbours but the essence of this religion finds its way into a student’s textbook at an early stage.

The enlightenment of Buddha and his story is a widely narrated folktale in India. The 4 Fold Path that is the crux of Buddhism is taught in schools too. However what the folklore and textbooks miss is the very essence of Buddhism and its oxymoron with Hinduism.

Visiting the Nepal and Tibetan Gallery, I learnt something very exciting about Buddhism that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Read more about Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion