Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

Ambitious women shine despite being hidden in the shadows

Women are stereotypically considered to be creative. Despite this attribute, 100 years ago a woman trying to make it into any such creative industry was frowned down upon. It was not just a glass door but an iron one with blots on the inside. Nonetheless there were a few women, some who were acknowledged and some shadowed by men, who broke through and sent a cold shiver behind a chauvinist’s back.


This is a list of 9 Women in the Creative Industry who were first in their respective fields.

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How Florence Nightingale Helped India

How Florence Nightingale Helped India

Spreading Light In the Dark: How Florence Nightingale Helped India

Florence Nightingale never set foot in the Indian subcontinent but had a fevered desire to help those in need

“It would be a noble beginning of a new order of things to use hygiene as the handmaid of civilisation”

Human health and medicine has been a part and parcel of life ever since the first humans walked this earth. Over a span of thousands of years, our knowledge about the human body and the successful treatment of diseases has grown exponentially.

What would be fatal not a 100 years ago, is but a mild hindrance in today’s times.

The field of Medicine with its doctors whom we set on a high pedestal, are truly god sent saviours. Their tireless efforts to bring health and hope to thousands of ailing patients is a noble task.

But just think a moment: are doctors the only saviours?  Read more about How Florence Nightingale Helped India

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

The Queen who reigned over Great Britain for over 6 decades in the 1800s had a very different view of gender equality

Imagine living in a lavishly decorated mansion. Enough rooms to house a mini army.

Despite all this, imagine sharing a room with your mother, having to hold your governesses hand while climbing down the stairs even when you are as old as 17. Never being left alone, playing with the plethora of dolls you own but never having any real friends your own age except maybe your German governess to keep you company.

This was how Queen Victoria grew up.

Her frustration is very evident in the famous anecdote about when she became the Queen.

Two men from St James Palace arrived at the 18 year old Princess’ home at Kensington Palace bearing the news of her uncle’s death. Victoria was asleep. Read more about Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

Razia Sultan: India’s Most Underrated Ruler

Razia Sultan: India’s Most Underrated Ruler

Razia Sultan: India’s Most Underrated Ruler

Razia Sultan’s short reign in the 13th century was more radical than any other in Indian history

We’ve read about Boudica’s wrath and Joan of Arc’s exemplary leadership. We’ve heard great stories of Queens and lady warriors in Europe and Russia but do we have similar counterparts in India as well?

Yes we do.

India, has been a vast country never fully united in history like it is today. But India’s capital Delhi has seen power struggle and court politics for centuries together.

Most of us may point to the Mughals and say that they were the first to rule from the region of Delhi. Although this is not true.

The first Islamic rulers in India were not the Mughals but the Delhi Sultanate rulers. They came to the subcontinent from Turkey. Since they haven’t left many beautiful monuments to gawk at unlike the flamboyant Mughals, the Delhi Sultanate is almost forgotten by us today.

Nonetheless, as history would have it, the Delhi Sultanate left behind something more important and awe inspiring than even the Taj Mahal– a female ruler.

This female ruler is known to us as Razia Sultan. Unfortunately she isn’t a part of folklore as much as she should be. Razia Sultan is not even prominently mentioned in history textbooks. Let us set history right today and learn more about this incredible Muslim female ruler. Read more about Razia Sultan: India’s Most Underrated Ruler

6 Instagrammers Talk About The Most Influential Women in History

7 Instagrammers Talk About the Most Influential Women in History

7 Instagrammers Talk About The Most Influential Women in History

And this is enough to get you all inspired to go change the world

Do you think there were inspirational women in the past before women got any rights and a say in society? You’d be surprised to know that there wasn’t just one but many women who have achieved groundbreaking accomplishments in their own right. Some women fought wars, others were mathematicians, some helped run entire countries. These are the women who make your heart swell with pride and assure you that you to can make your own mark in this world.

The best place to seek this motivation is none other than good old Instagram. There are many history fanatics who are on a mission to get these trailblazing yet forgotten women in history to you.

This March I asked them all a question- Who is the most inspirational woman in history, according to you? Here are their answers- Read more about 7 Instagrammers Talk About the Most Influential Women in History

Kamlabai Kamat

Pioneering Mothers of Indian Cinema

Pioneering Mothers of Indian Cinema

India’s first female actress, Kamlabai Kamat revolutionised Indian Cinema at 15

Dadasaheb Phalke is well known as the father of Indian Cinema. He learnt his art form London and published India’s first silent film titled Raja Harishchandra. As of 2014, Bollywood grosses upto ₹3,500 crore whilst back then, Phalke paid a waiter’s salary of ₹10 or ₹15 to his lead character.

Raja Harishchandra was an immediate hit. Although Dadasaheb Phalke had gone through a lot of efforts to find a female lead, he had to finally cast Salunke, a man, as a female. Subsequently, in this film many a man depicted females since the society barred the fairer sex from the silver screen.

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7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

7 Facts About Coco Chanel that’ll Keep You Up at Night

Think You know everything about Coco Chanel? Think again. Did you know she was an established Nazi Spy?

This is something straight from an action thriller starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role: A secret double agent with guns and sass keeping baddies in their place. In reality, the plot thickens and gets more interesting. This secret double agent of ours is not just a spy but also a world renowned fashion designer. Uh huh, it’s Coco Chanel.

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Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst

Votes For Women Through Deeds Not Words

Emmeline Pankhurst was the face of women’s suffrage in Britain. She created the ‘suffragettes’ and was instrumental in getting women the right to vote


“We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.”

-Emmeline Pankhurst

In the 1860s at Manchester, Britain sat the Goulden family. This family of 12 were eating breakfast. The eldest amongst the 10 siblings, Emmeline was reading out the political supplement of the daily newspaper to her father.

At that point in time, universal suffrage had become a hot political topic. Many women and even a few men were demanding the British government to grant women the right to vote.

In the 19th century, under Queen Victoria, Britain was a superpower. The British Empire had strong holds in their colonies spanning the entire globe. Yet half of Britain’s population didn’t have a voice, that half were the women.

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

A Woman In A Man’s World- Marie Curie

Marie Curie is one of the most famous scientists in the world. Yet she faced plenty obstacles being a woman in a man’s world

In the late 1800s, Poland was under Russian rule. Russians had dictated strict rules- no one was allowed to speak Polish and women were not given an opportunity for education. In this difficult times there were two young girls with a thirst to learn more.  Read more about Marie Curie

Annie Londonderry

Annie Londonderry

Around The World on a Bicycle

Annie ‘Londonderry’ was the first woman to travel alone around the world on a bicycle and fend for herself


Let us first look at the background behind Annie Londonderry’s historic trip around the world-

In the 1890s the suffragette movement was on in full swing in the major countries in the world like Britain, US, Australia and New Zealand. The two wheeled bicycle was looked upon as the perfect instrument for women emancipation.

Formerly bicycling for women was frowned upon. The Victorian society had stereotypical views when it came to women. Despite looking up to a Queen as their monarch, the people believed women to be fragile creatures who would faint easily and needed to be taken care of. The suffragettes wanted to change this.

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