Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The Bhavani Talwar that Changed India

Story Of Maharashtra’s hero

In every Maharashtrians’ heart, the mention of the Shivaji Maharaj sparks a flame. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India’s history. He didn’t fight against the European powers but showed his discontent to the foreign Mughals

The best part in Indian history that I love, is this phase of Shivaji and the rise of Swarajya (Independence).

What amazes me is that this King started with a small piece of land that he owned, a jagir in historical terms, and converted this into an empire.

Shivaji Maharaj
Shivaji Maharaj in his coronation

He became the King that other Kingdoms feared. All this in a span of three decades in the 17th Century AD.

Shivaji Maharaj didn’t have a lot of treasury. The strength of this army was tiny compared to his rivals and his kingdom was also small.

With these little resources at is disposal, he managed to horrify those who threatened and harmed his subjects. This made him an immediate favourite amongst his people.

He was just in his judgement and kind to all. He was secular and his views about his ministers were based on their desire to accomplish the dream of Swarajya. Be it his own brother or a non- Hindu, everyone was equally worthy of having a high post in his realm.

Shivaji is known to have sentenced his own brother-in-law to death because the latter committed treachery.

Shivaji Maharaj
He was a just and a dynamic king

This particular king is viewed in many different angles from people all around India. Few believe him to be a rebel while he is the hero in others’ eyes.

What he really was, is up to you to decide.

Most of the nooks in his life are still in the dark. Many historians say contrary things and many aspects like the name of his teacher and the cause of his death are still unknown.

Unfortunately hardly any texts from his time survive, which could shed light on these missing aspects.

Shivaji’s constant fights with the tyrannical Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb are well known. Shivaji did manage to get into his head especially when he escaped the emperor’s confines in a sweet basket.

Aurangazeb was traumatised by Shivaji. How is that possible?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had mastered the saying “Pen is mightier than the sword.” Despite having a small army, he was extremely intelligent.

Shivaji Maharaj-Rajmudra
Shivaji Maharaj’s official seal- Rajmudra

He could beat the enemy at their own game. Having loyal people helped him too.

The state of Maharashtra associates itself with Shivaji on an almost obsessive scale. All over Maharashtra, in every town and village, you’ll find something that signifies the people’s King, be it a park, a school, a crossroad, a statue or simply a placed named after him.


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