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H.P. Lovecraft

Brandon Carnes runs an Instagram account based on the history and specifically military history of the Habsburg Empire. His favourite author is the famous horror novelist HP Lovecraft. He loves all of his works. This is a short review about the book titled ‘Outsiders and Others.’-


Outsiders and Others

Well I think the best of Lovecraft’s books is the ‘Outsiders and Others’ for beginners wanting to be introduced to Lovecraft’s style. For an outsider, his works are short and can be read in a couple of minutes. But they show everyone Lovecraft’s abilities. It’s written through the eyes of a person who lives alone in a castle in the woods. He does not know how he got there and can’t escape. There is no sky, no life, he is lonely and wants to know what is beyond. He discovers a tower and climbs it. After reaching the top, he exits and climbs out of a tomb in a churchyard.

He arrives in our world and soon discovers a horrifying secret which I wont spoil.

This story was written in 1926. It combines gothic horror and fantasy with a theme of loneliness, the abstract and perception. Lovecraft’s famed style is well known. His style prefers to build up tension and a feeling that something is very wrong with action and scary scenarios. He uses archaisms and deep details to let your mind create its own conclusion. This story has little to do with the overall fictional Cthulhu Mythos so it can be read alone.

HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft’s book Outsiders and Others


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