How Bombay Became Mumbai

Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

The City of Mumbai has some of the best gems of British colonial architecture, most of them forgotten to time


The City of Dreams, where there is no place for rest and the idea of roads without traffic almost foreign; yet despite the plethora of negative multimedia on Bombay, nobody seems to be able to keep away from it. Thousands of people from across India and abroad come here to chase their ‘dreams’ not really caring that it is indeed simple to get lost in them.

As crowds come and go like the ocean tides, there are a few monuments scattered around the city that define these people. The South Bombay, the place where all trains lead to can be called a point where Bombay transformed from a merely beautiful group of 7 islands to India’s trillion dollar financial capital.

Needless to say, this southern side of the city is scattered with many a monuments that take a visitor back 150 years. Previously at GiGlee Magazine, I have written about these few monuments and have myself been shocked at the layers of history underneath.

In this article let us take a breath and revisit 4 Monuments in the City of Dreams…. Read more about Lost in the City of Dreams: Exploring Bombay

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht at Edinburgh tells a tale of two almost separate worlds

It is a fact when I say that every inch of Scotland is scenic. Standing at the helm of the Royal Yacht Britannia, the view across from me was no different.

Colours of blue and grey with the birds flying across the harbour was a sight from a watercolour painting. The calm waves of the water, smaller yachts and boats bobbing on the waves alongside a little white lighthouse reminded me of a coastal village.

However I wasn’t standing at the shore of a village but at Port Leith, a half an hour ride away from Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

The sole attraction on this side of the city is this Royal yacht.  Read more about Stepping Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia

Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

Ambitious women shine despite being hidden in the shadows

Women are stereotypically considered to be creative. Despite this attribute, 100 years ago a woman trying to make it into any such creative industry was frowned down upon. It was not just a glass door but an iron one with blots on the inside. Nonetheless there were a few women, some who were acknowledged and some shadowed by men, who broke through and sent a cold shiver behind a chauvinist’s back.


This is a list of 9 Women in the Creative Industry who were first in their respective fields.

Read more about 9 Pioneering Women in the Creative Field

Lost in the Louvre: Napoleon III Apartments

Lost in the Louvre: Napoleon III Apartments

Lost in the Louvre: Napoleon III Apartments

Explore perhaps the Most Opulent Apartments in the City of Lights

Paris, the city of Lights and Love is irresistible with its Iron Beauty, croissants, chocolats, patisseries and of course the inevitable Parisian charm.

It is on everyone’s bucket list to visit Paris and soak in its vivacious air, and its leisure breeze. Visiting the city of lumiere and amour in summer was one of the best experiences of my life. As it is the norm, I visited the Eiffel Tower, it is also imperative to call upon Mona Lisa and see her smile when in Paris!

The Mona Lisa finds herself the most visited lady in the world and her residence is the grand Louvre Palace. Most of us know this place as the largest museum in the world, the Louvre Museum.

It was lucky that we had a guide to take us through the important bits in this museum or we’d definitely lose our way.

I had studied about Louvre in my French lectures, one of the few subjects I really liked. I was expecting a modern structure much like the glass pyramid that is symbolic of this museum. Little was I expecting a royal palace! Read more about Lost in the Louvre: Napoleon III Apartments

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

Explore a religion that embraces simplicity and rejects ignorance

It was on a rainy day that I found myself at the CSMVS Museum yet again. The excuse for my visit  was to enjoy the best monsoon views in the city of Mumbai which the museum has to offer & to revisit the Nepal and Tibetan gallery here. This gallery was long due a good thorough examination.

I have never visited any of India’s neighbouring countries. But I have always found them rather fascinating with their connection to Buddhism, a religion born in India.

Buddhism might not have as many followers in India as its neighbours but the essence of this religion finds its way into a student’s textbook at an early stage.

The enlightenment of Buddha and his story is a widely narrated folktale in India. The 4 Fold Path that is the crux of Buddhism is taught in schools too. However what the folklore and textbooks miss is the very essence of Buddhism and its oxymoron with Hinduism.

Visiting the Nepal and Tibetan Gallery, I learnt something very exciting about Buddhism that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Read more about Buddhism: A Brief Look Into the Religion

How Florence Nightingale Helped India

How Florence Nightingale Helped India

Spreading Light In the Dark: How Florence Nightingale Helped India

Florence Nightingale never set foot in the Indian subcontinent but had a fevered desire to help those in need

“It would be a noble beginning of a new order of things to use hygiene as the handmaid of civilisation”

Human health and medicine has been a part and parcel of life ever since the first humans walked this earth. Over a span of thousands of years, our knowledge about the human body and the successful treatment of diseases has grown exponentially.

What would be fatal not a 100 years ago, is but a mild hindrance in today’s times.

The field of Medicine with its doctors whom we set on a high pedestal, are truly god sent saviours. Their tireless efforts to bring health and hope to thousands of ailing patients is a noble task.

But just think a moment: are doctors the only saviours?  Read more about How Florence Nightingale Helped India

The History of Stock Market

History of The Stock Market

History of The Stock Market

The Biggest Tool of Today’s Era of Capitalisation is the Stock Market. Let us explore the story of how this market came to be & evolved

*Scroll down below for the glossary to uncover all the technical terms:)

Every newspaper, news channel and e-newspapers keep going on about the Sensex, the stocks and where to invest. Instead of the horrid humid weather and animated political talks, people consider it cool to discuss about this thing called the stock market.

What is this strange market we call the ‘Stock Market’?

To the uninitiated, stocks are simply a way to gain part ownership of a company. These stocks are first sold by the company to some people. These people further sell their stocks to others thus transferring their part ownership to the new buyer. This buying and selling of stocks takes place in a ‘Stock Exchange’. Together, this entire system is what we collectively call the ‘Stock Market’

One of the First Financial Scams in History: Tulip Crisis
The Amsterdam Stock Exchange- The World’s First Stock Exchange

The History Of Stock Market

The story of how stock markets came to be is very fascinating. It is so because the first stock exchanges never traded any stocks!! Read more about History of The Stock Market

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

The Indian Curry has journeyed across time and place becoming the oldest continuously eaten dish on the planet!


The sumptuous smell of burnt garlic and fried brown onions enter my nostrils. The hot smell of spices fill the air. The mouthwatering taste of garam masala topped off with turmeric, chilli powder and pepper dazzles me, I can feel its taste on my tongue. It is then that I know; the most fulfilling meal awaits me. I am ready to tuck in!

These rather illustrious sentiments of mine were shared by the colonists who came to the Indian shores in the 17th century. They might have come to trade or plunder this rich land, dominate their culture over the people of this subcontinent. What these colonists were definitely not ready for was the spicy aromatic flavours of the native food that hung over a village street, dancing on the wind, inviting every passerby to stay for lunch.

It was because of this addictive food that kept evolving with the myriad communities of the Indian society that the British might have gotten confused with what to call a standard Indian meal.

Even today when someone remarks about their love for ‘Indian Food’ I often wonder what that is. Do they mean the Xacuti or the Fish Curry the Goans cook or the ghee based gravies of the North, Dal Bati of Rajasthan, the Mangalorean curry or the food cooked using mustard oil in Bengal? Read more about The Aromatic Romance of Indian Curry

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

A man who played a soothing rhythm of science and art

Every science touches art at some points—every art has its scientific side; the worst man of science is he who is never an artist, and the worst artist is he who is never a man of science.
-Armand Trousseau

Despite this metaphoric description of how art and science blend together like bread and butter, today’s education system holds these two apart like chalk and cheese. It is pointed out time and again that those who master in science cannot excel at art and vice versa.

Owing to this prejudice set in stone in our minds, we were a bit skeptical while making our way towards the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for an art walk.

The TIFR is a famous institute governed under the Central Government of India which primarily encourages education and research in physics and mathematics.

What art could they possibly possess? Read more about Homi Bhabha and Modern Art

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon

The Queen who reigned over Great Britain for over 6 decades in the 1800s had a very different view of gender equality

Imagine living in a lavishly decorated mansion. Enough rooms to house a mini army.

Despite all this, imagine sharing a room with your mother, having to hold your governesses hand while climbing down the stairs even when you are as old as 17. Never being left alone, playing with the plethora of dolls you own but never having any real friends your own age except maybe your German governess to keep you company.

This was how Queen Victoria grew up.

Her frustration is very evident in the famous anecdote about when she became the Queen.

Two men from St James Palace arrived at the 18 year old Princess’ home at Kensington Palace bearing the news of her uncle’s death. Victoria was asleep. Read more about Queen Victoria: A Feminist Icon