Slaying Jack the Ripper

Slaying Jack The Ripper

Slaying Jack The Ripper

The Murderer who ‘Ripped’ through London

*Warning: Disturbing Images

Have you heard about the Ripper? It is one of the bloodiest serial murder cases ever to occur on earth.

In 1888, London wasn’t the clean city we know today. Poverty, sickness and stench was everywhere. The poor had to build themselves a living. To pull this off, some had to resort to extreme cases. The Ripper took advantage of this situation.

In 1888, about 5 gruesome murders where committed in Whitechapel in the East End of London. Whitechapel was a place for the poor, migrants who wished to make a living. The East End was a docking port for most ships coming into London.

At night, the Ripper would strike. At first it was just another murder for the police, no matter the horrible state of the body. When more of them occurred, they realised they were working to find a dangerous criminal.

What made the murders so horrendous is that they weren’t simply murders done for the intention of killing the person for revenge. The Ripper took his time to slaughter. All of his victims were women of the night.

Slaying Jack the Ripper

In 4 of 5 murders, 4 victims had their organs removed. One of them so badly ‘ripped’ that the police could hardly make out her face. The pictures in 1888 are very amateur with low quality, this makes it difficult to actually see the crime scene clearly. But the confused silhouette that once was a female, seen in the picture is enough to give us an idea. Her face is in the wrong place, her legs are in the most awkward positions and might have resulted in a fracture if she were alive.

Although one victim of those 5 was lucky. She only had her throat slit. Some theorise that the Ripper had been disturbed while performing his organ removal surgery on her. To make up for it, the undeterred Ripper struck for the second time that night and unfortunately, his second victim wasn’t very lucky.

The Ripper had a style of slitting the throat from left to right twice. This ensured death. Then he went on to remove the organs and place them around the body, as if it were an arrangement.

This peculiarity of his is what made people believe that ‘Jack’ was no regular killer. He was a maniac. Besides, there was no link that connected all of his victims to each other. There were no patterns that he followed. This left the police on the spot, guessing when he’d strike next. But the Ripper was as silent as an alley cat. He managed to slip past everyone’s eyes without being noticed.

Slaying Jack the Ripper
The spots where the Ripper murders took place

The police on their behalf arrested every man that had anything to do with medicine, butchery, or anyone who would have the knowledge of how to cut open a body. Since the Victorians believed women to be too fragile and incapable of all things, they weren’t suspected.

So after many arrests, the Ripper was still out there.

Slaying Jack the Ripper

Unfortunately many other murderers duped forgeries to push the blame on the ripper. But the police were no averse to his style. Reporters claimed to receive many ‘letters from the Ripper’ yet only 2 of them are considered to be genuinely from the Ripper himself. One of the two letters had predicted the murder and the state of the victim too.

At this rate, owing to the euphoria around London, the lack of evidence and the outdated deducing methods, the Ripper was never found.

When something is left undone, we have this itch to complete it, don’t we? And this serial murder case isn’t complete.

Over more than 100 theories regarding this famous killer are around. He has been featured in multiple stories, films and other media.

By now, the Ripper whoever he or she maybe, is long dead. Two centuries later, we still read about these murders.

Slaying Jack the Ripper

As for me, when I read about this, I couldn’t help but feel excited! What a mystery! And yes I’ve a little theory of my own-

What if the Ripper had a personality like Jekyll and Hyde? The duel personality disorder? Maybe one part of him was a maniac and the other a sane gentleman. And what if, he was the man in charge of the whole police operation? He’d know what the police were planning. The vicious animal in him would know. This would certainly help him stage his attack well. The sane man in him would never know!

Well that’s that of my genius, what about yours? I’m excited to know your theory about Jack the Ripper. Comment below.


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