Alexander The Great

The Story of the Greatest- Alexander

Alexander the Great conquered a huge part of the world in his short life span

Was it just bloodlust that drove him or something more?


In history there are a few warriors who are known for their bloodlust and yet being loving towards their subjects. Alexander III of Macedonia was one such soldier. He fought many battles and won them yet he didn’t oppress his people.

Alexander was born in Pella now located in Greece in 356 BC. Legend says that he was a God’s child because he was talented.

One of Alexander’s teachers was the famous Aristotle. Aristotle was the one who had  stated the fact “Man is a political animal” and he was also one of history’s greatest scholars.

When Alexander was 20 years of age his father, Philip II died and he ascended the Macedonian throne. This was the time when history was made.

Soon things would change for many and one of the foremost empires in the world would be created. In a span of 13 years hence Alexander achieved immensely.

Alexander The Great
Alexander ascended the Macedonian throne aged 20

He started on a conquest of expanding his empire. He annexed all places near his kingdom and set ahead to capture many more. Alexander conquered Egypt in 332 BC and in two years won over Persia. As a mark of this power he burned down beautiful Persian city of Persepolis.

Alexander’s conquest went as far as North India, a very far distance to travel at the time. On reaching the banks of the Indus river he wanted to conquer the sub-continent. After fighting and looting so many kingdoms, the army was tired of the harsh condition and homesick.

In India Alexander lost his beloved horse Bucephalus. Bucephalus accompanied his master into fearful battles. To mark praise for the horse, he built a city and named it after the horse- Bucephala.

Alexander The Great
Alexander on his beloved horse Bucephalus

During his reign Alexander’s goal was to build an empire where people would live in peace as friends and not enemies. To exemplify this he gave importance to Persians and Greeks. He even married a Persian princess as his second wife.

Apart from this kingship, Alexander built many cities and named them Alexandria. Alexandria is one of the famous cities located in Egypt.

Though he achieved a lot, the life of Alexander the Great was short. He breathed his last after returning from India.

The cause of his death is unknown as some say he died of flu whereas some say he was poisoned.

During those times a Guinness World Book of Records did not exist because Alexander would have set many records. One of them would be the ‘largest amount of land owned by a single person- 5.5 million sq. km.’ This record would still be unbroken today!

Alexander The Great
Alexander’s kingdom is the largest ever in world history, unparalleled even today

Unfortunately after Alexander the Great passed, his huge kingdom could not be looked after properly. Due to civil wars it disintegrated into small kingdoms.


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