Mens fashion- Waistcoat


Why the Waistcoat is no longer a part of the Business Suit

How World War 2 rations changed mens fashion

Did you know that the waistcoats were invented before the suit?

Waistcoats were made official court attire in the mid 17th Century. Since then, the idea of wearing a waistcoat travelled all around the world.

Going well with the attire, till the 19th Century most waistcoats were colourful. Red, yellow, blue, white you name it  and there was a waistcoat in that colour.

By the late 19th and 20th centuries, the colours had mellowed down to an off white, grey or black.

At that time, waistcoats were a part of the business attire. No businessman or working man could be found without a waistcoat.

Mens fashion- Waistcoat
The Waistcoat was always worn to work

As the war struck & rations we’re imposed just like in the case of women, men had to curtail their usage of resources.

In Britain, the blazers got a split in the back,baggy unwanted pants were out & narrow fits were in.

The lesser your wastage of cloth, the more you were respected as a patriot.

At such a time, the clinging waistcoat was a pompous affair. Soon, the oldest garment of the men’s wear was forgotten. Three piece suits were considered frivolous.

Till today we don’t find men wearing waistcoats to work. They are reserved for marriages and other functions.


Women’s fashion also underwent a drastic change. It became what we know today- non conservative and more comfortable. Read the entire story in the May Issue by giving us your email here. Or wait for Friday the 19th, 2017.

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